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Staff outside in front of the school

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-839-5409.

Name Grade/Position Phone Extension
Mrs. T. Ramenda Secretary  56100

Mrs. P. Savoie

Mrs. K. Lipinski 

Kindergarten  40490/
Mrs. L. Ksiezopolski
Mrs. E. McLennan
Kindergarten  40182/42128
Ms. Vandersluis; Mrs. F. Lamanna Kindergarten  42148/
Mrs. M. Oldman Grade 1  40485
Mrs. A. Farrell Grade 1/2


Mrs. K. Evangelista Grade 1/2  42114
Ms. A Erlach Grade 2/3  40372
Mr. H. Kempton Grade 3  40472
Mrs. P. Sayer  Grade 3/4  40477
Ms. D. Wilson Grade 4  41496
Mr. P. Kapular Grade 5  40480
Ms. R. Naresh Grade 5/6  40473
Mrs. S. Barrie Grade 6  40478
Mrs. S. Kosziwka Grade 7  40481
Mrs. M. Stankov  Grade 7  40968
Mr. J. O'Donnell Grade 7  40479
Mr. S. Muldoon Grade 8  40476
Mrs. C. Wilson Program Support  56108
Ms. J. Wright French  42006
Mme. A. Jackson Librarian/CCT/French  40486
Mrs. P. Foster Curriculum Coverage Teacher  42018
Ms. L. Patrick Curriculum Coverage Teacher  42344

Mrs. R. Bohte

Mrs. J. Saull

Mrs. K. Zammit

Mrs. C. Calderone 

Mr. A. Davies

Ms. Joseph

Ms. Powell

Mr. Anderson

Educational Assistants  
Mrs. A. Salameh English as a Second Language 40315

Mrs. S. Morgan

Mr. N. Delgado




Mrs. J. van Hezewyk

Mr. C. Szent-Ivany

Vice Principal




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